Krauthammer Unleashed – Not happy with Democrats “Spinning from the White House” on Syria

The problem isn’t Putin’s goal of defeating the rebels; that’s a good thing. The problem is that Obama has us on the wrong side in Syria, in Egypt and in Libya. He backs what he claims are “democratic” movements, but in actuality are AL-Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood Islamists, who are our enemies. Is Assad a dictator? Yes. Will his overthrow make the Middle East better? Oh, hell no!!

There are no good guys in Syria, but for Obama to throw in with the sub-human rebels is unconscionable.

Here is Charles Krauthammer making a strong statement on the spinning from Democrats on giving credit to Obama threatening force:


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: But the fact is that the idea that you guys are spinning from the White House that it was the threat of the use of force that scared Putin into offering this; if so, he would have offered a week ago or two weeks ago when it really appeared imminent.
When did he offer it? Within hours after there was a gaffe by our Secretary of State, the Laurel to Obama’s Hardy, who said, “Well, you know, if you get rid of his weapons.” They saw an opening. They know that there is no way he’ll dismantle his weapons, but it would stop any attempt to get rid of Assad. Putin has a single objective: he wants Assad in place – keep him in place, and win the war. And that he’s achieving.

h/t Inside Washington

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Wayne Dupree

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