Krauthammer: Trump prevails after it seems both Rubio/Cruz missed opportunity to derail him

Here is Charles Krauthammer reacting to Thursday night’s GOP Presidential Debate. He believes the candidates failed to do what they needed to do to take Donald Trump down.

You get the impression watching them, that these guys on the stage, the Trump opponents, had run out of bullets. They tried it soft, in the early debates, trying to best him on policy, which they do. These guys know their stuff thoroughly. They’re very eloquent. They’ve been in these debates for decades. Trump is new to it. That was very evident in the early debates. But it didn’t hurt Trump.

Check out his analysis of the debate here:

What side of the conversation do you fall after listening to Krauthammer’s analysis? Was this Trump’s night or did Rubio and Cruz do enough to keep him down? Share your opinion in our comment section below and share this story on Twitter/Facebook timeline.

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Wayne Dupree

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