Krauthammer erupts over Cairo unrest, ‘al-Qaidastan developing in Libya’

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Krauthammer said that apology and the subsequent about-face suggests that foreign policy in the Obama administration may still be in a state of disarray.

“It looks as if the administration has no idea what it thinks about what has just happened,” Krauthammer said. “We had that statement coming out of the embassy in Cairo, which was a disgraceful apology. And Romney attacks it, and then the White House hasn’t said anything. But after the Romney attack, the State Department denies it or disavows it, the White House does. And then of course everybody jumps on Romney because he criticized it. He was absolutely right in attacking it.”

Recalling Clinton’s remarks on Thursday, Krauthammer criticized her for engaging in the debate over American-style free speech in the first place, instead of taking a hard line with heads of state where violent protests and armed attacks are threatening U.S. diplomatic stations.

“And now when we heard from Secretary of State Clinton, she basically repeated the apology,” Krauthammer continued. “‘I oppose all this. We don’t have sympathy with– We deplore– I find it disgusting.’ Why are we — and then she has that line, I thought the worst line in the clip that you showed was this, where she said, ‘There are different views around the world about the outer limits of free speech.’ Why is she engaging in a disquisition on free speech with the mob? The implication here is that perhaps the mob is right, that we ought to be suppressing anything that offends Islam. This is a nation that when somebody puts a crucifix in bottle of urine it ends up in a museum. We allow all kinds of expression. But perhaps we ought to make an exception in the case of Islam. This is absurd.”

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Wayne Dupree

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