Kim K — Kanye Still Likes Trump But I Recently Educated Him On The Politics

Many conservatives thought that Kanye West was enticed back to the “Democratic Plantation” by the powers that be and it turns out it wasn’t like that.

I don’t like the term Democratic Plantation but I do understand how Kim Kardashian decided to step in and talk to her husband on the things he was doing. We all agree that Kanye is not the best communicator as Kim stated in the video below.

Kim explained that Kanye like Donald Trump as a human being but is apolitical. She used the immigration situation at the border claiming that Kanye would feel for those less fortunate than to side with those of us who want illegal migrants to turn around and go back home.

I also imagine that Kim also told Kanye who he should be hanging around and who he shouldn’t. She’s a wife that saw her husband being used for something she didn’t understand in her eyes and rectified the situation.

Even though Kanye West has been outspoken in his controversial support of  President Donald Trump, wife Kim Kardashian insists that her husband doesn’t understand “the politics” of the president — but likes his “personality.”

“I feel like he’s very misunderstood and is the worst communicator,” Kardashian said of West in an interview with CNN commentator Van Jones on Wednesday at a criminal justice reform conference.

West is “very not political, actually. He just happens to like Donald Trump’s personality — but doesn’t know about the politics,” said Kardashian. “So I’ve educated him recently.”

She explained: “I know it’s very confusing because when you see someone wearing a red [“Make America great again”] hat, you would think that they are supporting that. But he’s just fighting for free thought and for the freedom to like a person, even if it’s not the popular decision.”
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If that’s the way Kim wants to run her household, who are we to challenge her. If their marriage is that strong, more power to them and never the twain shall meet.

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