Kim Jong-Un Says He Will Accept Invitation To WH — Watch Liberal Heads Explode!

Not only watch the liberal heads explode, but the “conservative” heads who never win anything will explode at the same time.

The political establishment doesn’t want Pres. Trump meeting with North Korea’s President Kim Jong-Un under any circumstances. They have been bellyaching all day long on Tuesday figuring that the Commander-in-chief gave up too much to the “dictator” from NoKo.

Source: Washington Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has accepted President Trump’s invitation to visit Washington, North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported Tuesday night.

The report came on the heels of the two leaders met for the first time in Singapore Tuesday for an historic summit on eliminating North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump had said he intended to invite Mr. Kim to visit the White House.

At the summit, the two leaders signed a two-page document committing Mr. Kim to denuclearization, while Mr. Trump agreed to provide security guarantees for North Korea.

Love it when the optimistic become pessimistic, and the pessimistic become optimistic, and it doesn’t mean a thing. If you are yelling and screaming at each other, you are missing the bigger picture. Shut up and just pay attention to the things that are apparently above your train of thought!

I have to quantify Kim’s visit with a few things. First, he’s going to have done more things in his country to show the American people he’s on track to make things right. Secondly, he’s going to have release political prisoners; this will show us how much in charge they claim him to be.

I want this to work, but I don’t want it to backfire on Pres. Trump in any way or I will be an unhappy camper. What are your thoughts about Kim Jong-Un stepping on American soil and visiting the White House? Share your comments below.

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