Kim Foxx Says Investigation Into Her Actions For Smollett Case Has To Do With Her RACE!

Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney, is feeling the walls closing in for her to say something this idiotic.

Foxx’s office helped Jussie Smollett shrug off 16 felony counts and jail time because of phantom community service. The Chicago Police Department is so angry; they sued Smollett for $130K, which was the cost of the investigation into his alleged hate crime and has taken the necessary steps to investigate Foxx and her office for their role in this miscarriage of justice.

Obviously, the investigation into Fox has nothing to do her race, and everything to do with the fact that she showed favoritism. Race was involved in Smollet’s alleged hate crime and dismissal. A demand for justice is involved in the dismissal backlash.

Anytime a member of law enforcement speaks at a Rainbow convention, he or she loses all credibility. The encouragement of LGBT ways leads to a chaotic and disharmonious society.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said Jussie Smollett didn’t receive any special treatment when her office decided to drop all charges against him last month.

While speaking at the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition Saturday, Foxx questioned if the attacks on her credibility and office’s transparency have anything to do with her race.

“I have been asking myself for the last two weeks, ‘What is this really about?’ ” she said during an emotionally charged speech. “As someone who has lived in this city (Chicago), who came up in the projects of this city to serve as the first African American woman in this role, it is disheartening to me … that when we get in these positions, somehow the goalposts change.”

She continued: “This is personal.” [USAToday]

Foxx says ” I cannot run an office driven by anger and public sentiment” It appears you cannot and will not hold up justice, and you should quit immediately.

Yes, it is about race but not yours. It is about a man who tried to blame a crime on a different race/political to make them look bad. He paid money to someone for illegal actions to make members of a race/political group look bad.

When your decisions are questioned, you don’t get to play the race card give the facts. I do think that someone got to drop the charges, but I don’t know who that might have been. Transparency.

The man committed a crime and wasn’t prosecuted, that’s the issue, nothing else.

Playing the “race card” is nearing its expiration date as it sits on the shelf. Do your job and prosecute criminals. Sometimes Hollywood big-shots are criminals.



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