Kid Rock Removed As Nashville’s Christmas Parade Grand Marshal — Over Behar’s Comments

Unbelievable! Kid Rock has been removed as Grand Marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade over his Joy Behar comments.

I am so sick of the double standard.

Joy Behar and the rest of the vile women on the View have said some disgusting things about our current president, President Bush, Ted Cruz, and others. None of these women have ever had to pay for those horrible comments, yet we are supposed to be upset with Kid Rock?

With that said, just because you have the right to say it doesn’t mean it’s right to say it. And it’s difficult for me to fault him because I agree with him. Still – we don’t need to sink to their level.

And I don’t think Behar took the high road – I think she saw a chance to get some extra viewers for the show and jumped at the chance.

Musician Kid Rock was replaced as grand marshal in the Nashville, Tenn., Christmas parade following an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Friday in which he called Joy Behar a “bitch.”

Bryan Lewis, the attorney for Steve Smith, Kid Rock’s business partner, told Variety Friday that Kid Rock would still attend the parade even though James Shaw Jr., the Nashville man who wrestled a rifle from a gunman at a local Waffle House in late April, was appointed as his replacement.“My best analogy is it’ll be a standoff at high noon,” Lewis said.

Source: The Hill

Kid Rock could care less about this decision. He says what he says and tough if people don’t like it. It was a little rude of him to say that about Behar on television instead of to her face but oh well, what is done is done.

Kid Rock —We Can Disagree and Still Be Cordial But… ‘Screw That Joy Behar B***’

Kid Rock sings rap music to the younger generation. Joy Behar has a talk show for shallow women. Most people don’t even know that there is a Christmas parade in Nashville. The opinions of these entertainers on topics that they are unfamiliar with are irrelevant, and few will notice the change in the parade.

This is just more circus for the masses who want to feel aggrieved.

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