Kerry SHOCKS MSNBC Mitchell: Putin Saved Syria From ISIL Extremists Trying To Take Over Country

Maybe Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t think before he said it but what he did in this video is what most of us have been saying for a long time.

The rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had been infiltrated by ISIS. That was no secret in that region and the American media tried everything they could to hide that fact. We watched with common sense eyes how Russian President Vladimir Putin came in to stop ISIS from gaining a strong foot hold in Syria as the terrorist group wanted to expand their caliphate.

Kerry and Barack Obama didn’t side with Russia to stop ISIS from taking over Syria if you recall and not once in this interview did Kerry say the administration tried to work with Russia to stem the tide of ISIS.

So I am very surprised Kerry said this during his interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and I am sure she was shocked he gave Putin praise.

Video transcript:

I believe there is an exhaustion setting in, sometimes timing is everything in these kinds of negotiations. And I believe that there is a possibility over the course of the next year that the parties could come forward. It would be on a different plane of leverage, a different kind of outcome than some people might have anticipated. But there may be possibilities of trying to move forward…

There is no military solution to the problem of Syria. When President Putin came in, he came in partly to prop up Assad, but also because ISIL/Da’esh was gaining huge ground. The radical extremists were gaining huge ground against Assad, and Assad was in a very fragile position. And so together, Iran and Russia had to prop him up, and save him from the possibilities that the extremists might take over the country.

And I will say, that was not something that we weren’t also concerned about — that there was a gaining foothold of al-Nusra, and Da’esh, in their ability to push towards Damascus. And the regime was on its heels. Did Putin make an enormous difference in that? Yes, along with Iran and Hezbollah and the entities that overwhelmed some of the forces available to the opposition. But that doesn’t end the war. Nothing that he has done is, in fact, going to obviate the need to get to Geneva to have… a real negotiation that resolves the political differences [in Syria]…

That’s a hard road to get to, no matter what Putin has done.

What do you think about this? Do you think Kerry meant to praise Putin for helping to save Syria from ISIS?

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