Kerry and Assad Eating Dinner like Next Door Neighbors; Four Years later Assad is the Worlds Worst Human Being? – PHOTO

Most people reading this article and viewing this photo will say that this all means nothing. This photo of John Kerry and Syria’s President Assad was nothing more than a state dinner that usually is followed with respect for each other while they are trying to work out details. Here’s my issue with this photo. John Kerry looks to have really sucked with not doing the job he went over there to do. Now, four years later, the United States wasn’t able to fix problems or work out better solutions and now Assad is one of the worst human beings in the world that must be stopped at all costs!

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These dinners are not the first or will they be the last of two sides that do not agree siting down with each other trying to work out differences. However, the United States in this regard along with John Kerry’s latest statement of going to war against them seems to be one of a jilted lover so to speak. It seems that Kerry wasn’t able to work out a plan with Assad so now being Secretary of State, four years later, he can enact whatever type of fabricated lie they could tell to turn the American people against Assad and his regime.

Only problem with that is the American people are detached from Syria. They really know nothing about it and it’s not on their radar. Assad can’t rap, he can’t twerk, he can’t mix on turntables so they don’t care.

Wayne Dupree

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