Kerosene Maxine Waters Once Complained Obama Didn’t Fire Bush AG’s Fast Enough!

Democrats are all about stealing ideas from Republicans and being hypocrites on how they govern.

Fox and Friends called out Rep. Maxine Waters for her hypocrisy of slamming President Donald Trump for removing all of Barack Obama’s state Attorney Generals at one time. They responded how she forgets she went public on how Obama was supposed to do the same thing back in 2009.

Waters is just another noise maker with no substance. Why should a Republican administration keep liberal justices? Pres. Trump’s predecessors did the same thing. So stop talking about it and get on to other things. We have a lot to overcome.

Pres. Trump through Attorney General Jeff Sessions got rid of all Barack Obama appointed State AGs at the same time like Bill Clinton did back in the 90s, but the liberal media continue to act like it was a huge crime.

Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren,, will shriek any time a vestige of the Obama regime is scuttled. Expect the crying game to continue for the foreseeable future. Trump is going to drain the swamp. Period!

America should be reminded of all this crap before the midterms in 2018 so maybe once and for all we can make liberal democrats a thing of the past, but unfortunately unless America is watching FOX NEWS America will never hear about it again!

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Wayne Dupree

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