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Kerosene Maxine Attacks Fox News As Sexual Harassment Enterprise; O’Reilly Needs To Go To Jail

Rep. Maxine Waters attacked Fox News and host Bill O’Reilly claiming the night time voice should go to jail.

When Congress members start talking about jail time for private citizens, the world has gone crazy, especially when they sit in the legislative body and lie to the American public while stealing behind our backs.

Politicians are notorious liars, and their fetishes are on full display whether it be playing with underage kids or getting caught up with some money scandal.

Source: Transcript from video below

“Well, it’s coming out of the mouth of a man who has said some horrible things about women,”

“Don’t forget he talked about grabbing women in their private parts. And because he was important he could get away with it. And so they are two of a kind. And so I’m not surprised that he stood up and tried to defend Bill O’Reilly.”

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“But it’s all catching up with Bill O’Reilly,” she continued, “and that sexual harassment enterprise that they created over there at Fox. And it’s catching up with them, and you have over 30 advertisers who are taking away their advertising. They are not wanting to do business with them anymore because of the way they have created this record of sexual harassment.”

“They have treated women very badly,” Waters added. “And so I understand the Justice Department has opened a case, they’re taking a look at them. Because this really is a sexual harassment enterprise, it shouldn’t be in America that you can sexually harass women and then buy your way out of it because you’re rich.”

“If they continue to do this, in the way that they have done, they need to go to jail,” Waters expounded. “You know the president’s over there talking today about Susan Rice going to jail.”

“They need to go to jail,” Waters exclaimed. “Bill O’Reilly needs to go to jail.”

Watch this video below:

What makes this woman think she’s in any position to dish out this type of talk? It seems to me; Waters is becoming uppity with her new found ability to shout. Pelosi must have promised her freedom if she continued to pop her chops against Trump and his administration.

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