Kenyan gay couple evicted from home; told to “go wait for your Obama”

In June 2013, Barack Obama tried to tell Africa they must change to accept the new way of living (homosexuality,) and they were like no. Africa is one of the few places that stands defiant against this homosexuality.

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On Friday (3 July), the landlord evicted a male couple from their home in Nairobi of two years and told to ‘go wait for your Obama’ reports the International Business Times. This comes at a time when there is rising anxiety over President Obama’s visit to Kenya later this month, with officials and residents warning the president not to speak out on LGBT rights.

According to the IBTimes:

“There have been more beatings, evictions and attacks when public discourse focuses on the community. It gets heightened and it will only increase momentum as Obama’s visit gets closer,” said Denis Nzioka, who last year launched the website Watetezi, which tracks human rights injustices against the LGBT community in Kenya.

The landlord, and some of the neighbors, had suspected they were a gay couple. They had told them they were friends living together as a way of saving money.


But with the media and lawmakers claiming that Obama is coming to Kenya in order to ‘promote same-sex marriage’, the epitome of the ‘evil Western values’ being imposed on Africa, Peter and John were the ones to suffer.

Well what do you know about that? They told Obama a few years ago the country didn’t like that lifestyle, guess some of the folk had to be shown they meant business. What do you think? Drop us your comments below.

H/T – IBTimes

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