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Kellyanne Conway To Media — “We’re Accepting Apologies Today Too”

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway was strutting her stuff today on the WH lawn after the Mueller Investigation report was given to the media.

She walked out like a conquering Roman gladiator to the media press who was still reeling from another dose of hearing “no collusion, no obstruction of justice,” from Attorney General William Barr, during his news conference on early Thursday morning.

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Conway took questions, but before she answered any of them, she inserted that today is “the best day since he got elected,” speaking about President Trump.

She spoke about the findings or lack thereof and pressed how: “none of us got in their way. We’re accepting apologies today too for anybody who feels the grace in offering them. There was no collusion, and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any Russians.”

One of the reporters tried to throw water on the fire Conway was emanating when they asked: “the only clear that the obstruction of justice piece wouldn’t in essence stick was because a lot of people around the president wouldn’t do what they had asked him.”

But Conway quickly dismissed the question by saying, “If the president asked me to break the law today, I would walk out the door.”

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One thing the media doesn’t understand is that President Trump could have fired Mueller anytime he wanted, and he probably wanted to do it more times than a little bit.

One of the media reporters asked Conway about some “false information” given by the Trump team about Russian contacts and whether or not they regretted it. Conway replied with, “total exoneration,” and didn’t forget to add Rep. Adam Schiff’s name in there who claimed the more than circumstantial evidence of collusion but never brought it to light.




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