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REPORT: Kelly and Nielsen Were Against Border Agents To Use Lethal Force Against Possible Attacks

I don’t know what type of Thanksgiving these two had, but they Christmas at the White House might be canceled.

According to three sources speaking to Politico, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were against the order to use retaliatory force against the caravan marchers from Honduras. Both of these Trump administration cabinet members felt the president was overreaching his authority.

Over the past couple of weeks, both Kelly and Nielsen’s name has been in the news in regards to their employment situation within the White House.

White House legal counsel Emmet Flood warned about a potential overreach of constitutional authority, according to a Politico source. Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly also at the heated debate, but did not take a position.

Nielsen ultimately sided with President Trump, while Gen. Kelly finally signed off on the final draft of the order, according to Politico sources.

“While a range of issues were discussed on a Monday call, the Cabinet memo was not one of those topics,” Nielsen wrote in a statement, per the report. “In reality, I have been clear: our agents and officers must have the ability to protect themselves, and to be protected by others, if they face critical situations on the border.

“I have been and will continue coordinating closely with Secretary Mattis to ensure that our people have the support and protection they need to do their jobs.”

Source: Newsmax

Every man enlisted in the military takes an oath to protect and defend the United States of America. That means that they are not to be sheep led to be slaughter by an invasion force, but that they be able to defend the country as well as themselves.

No one wants to see carnage at our borders, and neither do we want to see this country invaded by a group of people wanting to live off our tax dollars, take jobs away from Americans(not all the jobs will be farm or hospitality), and make demands for everything they feel entitled to as invaders.

As for the world and their perception, every nation in the world has an option of how to deal with invasions of their sovereign soil. Some give in and lose their countries like Germany and much of the EU. Some fight to defend. I would rather fight for my country than be overly concerned about how the world thinks.

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If they start attacking American border officials, they have earned whatever force is needed to make them cease. The choice is theirs. Only a childish little liberal would think the American Military would start attacking them if not provoked.

Trump Sets Record Straight On John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen

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