Keaton Jones Mom Appeals To Viewers To Not Let Her Mistakes Harm Her Son’s Story”

Remember the young kid whose video went viral on the bullying he was receiving at his school? His mom is doing some major damage control.

Kimberly Jones has been trying to fix public perception of who she is so that it doesn’t bother her son who has already gone through a tragic time. He’s been attacked at school and embarrassed.

Now, Keaton is experiencing his mom being attacked for things she did in the past, such as posing with the Confederate flag as a family or getting caught up with the GoFundMe, which she claims she had nothing to do with.

The mother of the bullied schoolkid whose tearful pleas broke so many hearts is under fire herself. Kimberly Jones is being called out over photos showing her, Keaton, and other family members posing with a Confederate flag. Keaton even apologized for his mom on Twitter after the backlash. “I love my mother but I also realize wrong is wrong. I hope we can put all her mistakes in the past and focus on bettering the world,” he wrote.

It’s been a long week for the two Jones but hopefully, things are getting better for them. Watch the report here:


Did Keaton Jones mom's actions change your perception about his cause?

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