Kavanaugh’s Children Rushed Out Of Confirmation Hearings Due To Extreme Protesters!

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s children have been removed from the Senate confirmation hearings after Democrat protesters acted radically and out of control.

Source: Washington Examiner

As Democratic senators fought to delay the hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and as spectators jarringly heckled the process Tuesday, his two young daughters were rushed from the hearing room, according to sources.

The two, Margaret and Liza, were taken out by their mother, Ashley, as the hearing got “hot,” said one insider.

“It was very unpleasant for young children,” said the insider.

At the beginning of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for the federal appeals court judge, senators angrily battled over the process.

And at times hecklers in the audience shouted out, apparently scaring the young girls there to support their father. One screamed, “This is a mockery. This is a travesty of justice. Cancel Brett Kavanaugh, adjourn the hearing.”

Margaret is 13, Elizabeth 10.

Considering the Left’s love of violence, it has to be terrifying for Kavanaugh to have his back to those screeching lunatics. No wonder his children had to leave with escorts.

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