Kathy Griffin Wants To Go On Tour Without Meeting Trump Supporters

Comedian Kathy Griffin had one of the worst years imaginable after she purposely posted a vulgar photo of President Trump with a bloodied severed head.

Griffin’s career was tossed into oblivion after the Trump video. She took a calculated risk thinking she was going to play the victim a few days later but it didn’t turn out the way she wanted. Trump supporters, who are also consumers of comedy shows, fought back and called her venues to have her shows canceled and it worked.

Griffin was out of business for months. Now she is trying to move her career forward, and after an interview with Politico, you can best believe Trump supporters will be looking forward to continuing to put the foot on the pedal to crash this woman’s opportunities.

Source: The Hill

Comedian Kathy Griffin says that she has been welcomed abroad, but wishes she could go on a tour in the U.S. “without getting shot.”

“They were thrilled to have someone come over and make fun of Trump,” said Griffin, who recently finished up a 15-country world tour, during an interview with Politico published Wednesday.

“I wish I could tour in the U.S. without getting shot — I know I can’t. I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when the tweet happened. It was canceled in 24 hours.”

Griffin faced widespread backlash earlier this year after she posted a controversial photo posing with a fake decapitated head resembling President Trump.

The president at the time weighed in on the controversy, tweeting that Griffin should be “ashamed of herself” and that his children were having a “hard time” with it.

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Kathy has nobody to blame but herself for stupidity for attention. The only thing is it backfired on her, and now she’s trying to blame us so she can to get her career back on track. You would think she knew better when you went on public TV and apologized then turned around and said you didn’t mean anything you said.

So many distinguished people have been blocked from speaking engagements on college campuses for merely having differing points of view. Why should Kathy Griffin not expect any different? Honestly, it may be less political than she thinks. It may just be a business decision. If venues feel ticket sales would be lacking, why should they take the risk? Maybe the venues would rather not have people vote with their entertainment dollars and thus become collateral damage to Kathy Griffin’s right to “Free Speech.”

I think she is finding out that even though she may have people who are happy to support her opinions, they are not enough to sustain ticket sales or her ability to make a living on “Free Speech.” Perhaps she should start a “Go Fund Me” page!

I don’t want to scare Kathy, but you might have to live like the rest of us normal. The lifestyle of the Rich and Famous is out of your reach.

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