Kardashian To Trump — By The Way, I Have More Who Need Pardons

Kim Kardashian is setting herself up to become a major influence as an advocate for prison reform, and she knows it.

Kardashian is friends with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and she parlayed that into a meeting with Pres. Trump to talk about a specific prison sentence for a convicted felon she thought was too long. Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson, and now Kardashian thinks she’s found her calling.

According to a story from The Hill and an interview on NBC, she wants to become an advocate for more convicted felons who will no doubt, start emailing her at a feverish clip.

Source: The Hill

Kim Kardashian West said Thursday that she intends to advocate for nonviolent drug offenders to receive clemency in the wake of President Trump’s decision to commute a woman’s sentence after conferring with the reality star.

Kardashian West told NBC’s “Today” that she was heartened by Trump’s decision to commute Alice Johnson’s sentence.

Johnson, 63, had served 21 years of her life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense and money laundering charges.

“This is like, ‘OK, we did this,'” Kardashian West said. “Let’s open up this conversation.”

She told NBC she’s forwarded other potential cases to the White House.

“I enjoy this. This has, like, fulfilled my heart,” Kardashian West said. “So since I feel so fulfilled, why would I stop that.”

I don’t have a problem with Kardashian doing this if it works. I do believe some people have been in jail entirely too long for small infractions, but I don’t think EVERYBODY should be commuted.

I also think if Pres. Trump continues to commute instead of pardon, there will come a time when these recipients will want their records expunged to remove the conviction, but we’ll see. Kim’s heart is in the right place but do not think the Trump administration is going to do this for free.

Her social media reach is massive, and they will want some advocacy for Trump down the line. I am not sure her political reach will mesh with her culture reach as both are like oil and water, but once again, we’ll see.

What do you think about Kim’s advocacy for prison reform and having more inmates sentences commuted? SHARE your voices below in the comment section.

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