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2020 Candidate Kamala Harris Releases 15 Years Of Tax Returns

A couple of the 2020 Democratic candidates have released their tax returns as President Trump refuses to release his and this is happening after partisan moves by congressional investigators to order his tax filings be submitted for review.

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Sen. Kamala Harris bested Sen. Bernie Sanders after he released ten years of his tax returns on Monday evening, she gave 15 years of her own. Taxes are not her issue; her behavior and the fact that she would sell out her family for votes is.

Correct me if I am wrong, but most Americans do not care about tax returns, but it would be more interesting to see where all the kickback income comes from.

Democratic U.S. Senator Kamala Harris released on Sunday 15 years of tax returns through 2018, offering the most complete look to date at a presidential candidate’s finances.

Harris held public office during the years 2004 through 2018. With her husband, Douglas Emhoff, an attorney, she had a combined adjusted gross income in 2018 of about $1.89 million, and paid total taxes of about $697,000, according to the returns.

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Harris and Emhoff, who have filed joint tax returns since marrying in 2014, have paid more than $2.2 million in federal taxes over the past five years at an average effective tax rate of 32.6 percent, according to her campaign.

Harris’ release of her tax filings follows that of fellow White House contenders like Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren. Senator Bernie Sanders has said he will release his tax filings this week. Tax day is April 15 in the United States.

If I were nosey like the opposition media, I would be saying the following: “Publish all her returns for the public to see. Let’s go through them and find out where the money came from. Let’s look at her partnership with her husband’s law firm. It sounds like there could be some hidden transactions in there. The American voter has the right to pick it apart, piece by piece. Even if it takes two to three years,” but here is the problem, I don’t care.

This whole issue of tax returns has me laughing. Nobody is changing their vote because of someone’s tax returns. That’s why nobody outside of leftist political circles cares about Trump’s tax returns.

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Why is disclosing tax returns so crucial to Democrats? Do they think that Americans are concerned over that versus a candidate that would be beneficial to their future? That’s how unintelligent Democrats are along with all of the degenerates that vote for them.

We don’t want your tax returns. Americans want your tax free earnings released. Like the money, you get from lobbyists to buy your vote. One hundred percent full disclosure on those numbers should be required of all congressional members. How that is legal and constitutional is beyond me.

The average person can’t even understand their returns let alone people who make the kind of money these politicians make. Just campaign on the issues that affect the American people.



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