Kamala Harris Boasted Of Scaring Homeless Woman With Prosecution Over Children Missing Classes

I know conservative social media users want to continue to make a big deal about Sen. Kamala Harris having an affair with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, but that’s a dead end.

Democrats don’t care about that at all with all the craziness that happens in that party every day. This new incident might be able to get some mileage.

Harris being caught on video padding her chest over prosecuting a homeless mom whose kids missed school classes is just classless. It shows how much she is willing to abuse power when she has it, and to her it’s funny. America can’t afford to have someone, anyone like this in office that is motivated to use threats to scare Americans because it is funny. This is how you defeat Kamala, you find pieces like this and share to non-voters and independents. Explain to them the severity of a possible Harris presidency and pray like heck they ask you for a car ride to the polls on election day to vote against her if she is nominated.

In a 2010 video, Sen. Kamala Harris, who at the time was California’s attorney general, described with self-satisfaction how being tough on truancy got results when she was San Francisco’s district attorney.

Laughing, Harris said she wanted to scare parents by sending prosecutors who worked on gang and murder cases to meet with them about their children’s truancy.

ICYMI – 2013 San Fran Op-ed — ‘If Harris Can Just Get Out From Under This Damn Willie Brown Thing’

“She’s earned the nickname Top Cop for a reason,” Jerkins said. “In the era of the Black Lives Matter movement and countless articles and books that document police surveillance and brutality toward black and brown people, for some black women the question is: What kind of voice would Harris be for us in the White House? And what would it take for us to back Harris’ historic bid?”

Since the video resurfaced, Harris and her campaign have defended her criminal justice background.

A Harris spokesman said to the Huffington Post: “She believed a critical way to keep kids out of jail when they’re older is to keep them in school when they’re young.”

Source: Fox News

I’ll bet they brought charges before they knew the family was in trouble. That’s common with cases like this. The child misses ‘x’ many days of school, and the school notifies the Sheriff’s office. They then contact the prosecutor’s office to file charges to obtain an arrest warrant. Once the warrant is obtained, it’s up to the Sheriff’s office to find the suspect and execute the arrest. Through all of this, they haven’t seen the suspect, the children or any member of the suspected family. When they go to execute the arrest warrant is when the surprises start coming to the surface.

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They probably went to the address of record and found it foreclosed. Then the hunt for the suspects started. When they did see them, that’s when the full gravity of the situation was realized, and help started to be directed to them. Many people won’t ask for help because of fear, pride, ignorance, or any number of reasons. Sometimes it takes a legal action to connect the help to those people. Again, this sounds like a win for her…but I still don’t support her…

Harris’ actions as California Attorney General aren’t that different from that of the Democrat Party and liberals in general. They firmly believe that it’s more than appropriate to threaten, terrorize and intimidate to support their hate-infused and very twisted agenda. After all, only they know what’s best for the citizens of our country.


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