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Kamala Harris Claims Joe Biden Is ‘Ignorant of the History of Race in this Country’

I don’t dispute that former VP Joe Biden is ‘ignorant of the history of race in this country,’ but then again, so is Sen. Kamala Harris, as she continues to promote and defend the party that owned, beat and killed slaves.

On Sunday morning, Harris took her analysis to the American people when asked about Biden and the statement about working with segregationists (who were Democrats) and she crafted this doozy.

O’Keefe: Let’s talk about Joe Biden.

Harris: Ok.

O’Keefe: You’ve criticized him for praising his ability to work with people who had very different views.

Harris: No that wasn’t my criticism.

O’Keefe: What was your criticism?

Harris: I applaud any effort to work across party lines around common goals and common interests.

O’Keefe: What bothered you?

Harris: Praising and coddling individuals who made it their life works and built their reputation off of segregation of the races in the United States. That’s a problem. I would not be a member of the United States Senate if those men that he praised had their way. I wouldn’t.

O’Keefe: And one of the things they did is, and he inferred this, is they might have called someone like him who was younger ‘son,’ they might’ve called a black man, ‘boy.’ And that’s been part of the issue for a lot of African-Americans–

Harris: Of course it is, of course it is–.

O’Keefe: We’ve talked to here and across the country, is that offensive to you?

Harris: We cannot be ignorant of the history of race in this country. And certainly anyone who is a leader should not be. That is a very loaded term, loaded with a history that includes extreme racism, violence. Discrimination prejudice you name it. All of that. It’s a very loaded term. And I think it is very important that we all who. Who are leaders, or profess to be leaders that we choose our words carefully understanding the significance and the power of our word.

Hold up! Kamala, what exactly do you know about race relations? When that topic comes up, it’s about slavery, Jim Crow laws and racism has always been deeply embedded in her party, and it thrives there today. There might not be any plantation owners; they just learned that they had to work from the big house in D.C. They might not have slave quarters to place their property, but they have created environments for ghettos, where the idea of success is not taught or cultivated.

Both of Kamala’s parents were born in foreign countries. She never lived in the south and has experienced no significant racism in her life. She reminds me of Barack Obama, who claims his father was from Africa and his mother’s side of the family was white.

If I were her or Sen. Cory Booker, I wouldn’t go down this road because it makes them look as if they are grabbing for cheap points. I wouldn’t say it was beneath them by hypocrisy, if detected, will not win you the White House.

Nobody is “ignorant of the history of race in this country,” but everybody can see that history is used by some, for their own personal and political advantage.


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