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Banderas Says Trump Insulting Fox News Co-Workers Will Put Twitter Target On Them!

Hey Julie Banderas, I understand it, I get it. You are not a Trump supporter by any means.

I’ve watched you on the Fox News channel here and there, and I think I can judge the way the wind is blowing by the tone and speech of someone who I do not know or have ever met. I believe in my heart you are not a supporter of the Trump administration. Now, I am not angry at you because to each his/her own.

However, why can’t you leave your bias at the door and do news. We ask that someone on the Fox News channel stick with the news and not shows us attitude with what they like or dislike. I have seen you over and over chastise Pres. Trump in a way that it seems as if he disgusts you.

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On Monday, Julie used the attitude I just spoke about and tweeted to the President about how he called out two co-workers. Rarely do you see anyone do this because honestly, it reaches deaf ears but Julie thought she would get it on the record how she was taking on the Commander-in-chief.

By going on Twitter and insulting two of our journalists @realDonaldTrump is putting a target on their backs. In turn his followers will then attack @johnrobertsFox and @GillianHTurner in support on Twitter. Bullying journalists is not Presidential.

Here’s the deal Julie. Most of us do not need Pres. Trump to tell us when media journalists are being biased or showing hate toward the Trump administration. We’ve seen so much of it over the past few years; it’s nothing new.

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One more thing, everyone is attacked on Twitter sooner or later. It’s the nature of the beast so either be prepared to ignore or fight it and make it worst — your choice.

Here is the tweet Julie was referring to:

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