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[VIDEO] Castro’s Border Stunt Backfires When Agents Send Illegal Aliens He Escorted Across Our Border Back to Mexico

The Democrats spend more time at our nation’s borer than illegal aliens do. It seems to be their very favorite place to campaign.

It almost makes you think that maybe Democrats know that illegals are likely voting en mass in our elections. Why else would they be stumping and pandering so hard for them?

Case in point – 2020 long-shot Julian Castro, who was working with a radical open borders group called “Texas Civil Rights Project,” escorted a group a of LGBTQ illegal aliens across the borer, only to have our border officials send them back.

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Castro defied our nation’s laws when he walked the illegal aliens across the international bridge. Castro said the illegals wanted to apply for asylum in the U.S., but thought it was unfair that asylum seekers now have to wait in Mexico while their requests are processed.

Tough luck buddy, that’s the law.

Castro claims that what he witnessed in Mexican “asylum camps” is a “national embarrassment.”

No, a “national embarrassment” is what is happening in liberal cities, Mr. Castro, where the streets are covered in human feces and hypodermic needles, and people are living in hopelessness and squalor.

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That’s a national embarrassment, you good-for-nothing globalist.

Julian Castro walked the group of illegals across the “international bridge” and expected our officials to just break the rules and allow these people to stay in the U.S. while they waited for the asylum status to be considered.

Imagine if these Democrats care this much about Americans?

Watch the video:

Well,  things didn’t work out how Castro had hopes.

As a matter of fact, all 12 of the illegal aliens that Julian Castro illegally escorted across the border were returned back to Mexico.

Great news!

The open borders activist group tweeted out the news.

“BREAKING: We just heard the terrible news that all 12 of our clients escorted by @JulianCastro were sent back to Mexico. This is of course a mockery of due process.”

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