Napolitano — Assange Is A Publisher And I Consider Him A Hero

Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano who has been calling out President Trump regularly shocked many by calling Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a hero, after his forced arrest on Thursday morning in the U.K.

Judge Nap appeared on Fox and Friends speaking on the arrest of Assange early on Thursday morning when he said: “But just as if we, working for Fox News, received secret information, ‘my god the public has to know this.’ The person who gave it to us commits the crime. The publisher does not commit the crime.”

It has not been proven that Assange gave Bradley Manning tools to commit any crime. The only thing I can see our government charging Assange with is defending Manning. Assange never told anyone that he was associated with Manning and Manning never gave up Assange. Manning was sentenced to jail for his part in hacking and stealing official classified information and passing it off.

Judge Andrew Napolitano called Julian Assange a “hero” after the WikiLeaks founder was arrested by British police Thursday moments after Ecuador withdrew his asylum for “repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol.”

I have to tell you, in my opinion Julian Assange is a hero. What he published was truthful information that the American public and the world had the right to see,” Napolitano, a Fox News legal analyst, said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday about an hour after Assange was arrested.

The 47-year-old Australian native has been in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 when British courts ordered him extradited to face questioning in a sexual assault case. That matter has since been dropped, but Wikileaks, an anti-secrecy site, is facing a federal grand jury investigation over its publication of American diplomatic and military secrets during the Iraq War.

Moments before he was arrested, Ecuador announced it had withdrawn Assange’s asylum for “repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol.” [Fox News]

Once again, unless he commissioned the actual spying, there is no crime. As stated below he is a simple mouthpiece. He did not steal the material, and if he did not hire persons to take it, then he has not committed espionage. He has embarrassed powerful people that need to it, and they are seeking revenge.

We still don’t know who got the emails from Hillary’s non-secure garage server. He says it wasn’t the Russians and I believe him because he has no reason to lie about that. He could have just as easily said: “it’s not the Chinese.”

A publisher is under no obligation to help any government contain leaked information. If they were, every single media outlet in the US would be in prison. Every one.




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