Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Calls Trump A “Fake, Pretend” President

I watched Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the Seinfeld show, but beyond that, I didn’t follow her to the HBO comedy The Veep because I didn’t think she was that funny or witty. After what I saw her say about President Trump, I am glad I didn’t.

Hollywood loves to interject their analysis in where they can, thinking Americans are waiting on the edge of their seats to care what they think. I am sure some of their followers live on their every word, but there are over 300 million Americans in this country, so Julia needs to pace herself.

When you decide you want to speak ill of President Trump, expect blowback. Trump supporters don’t play that game. Louis-Dreyfus also defended disgraced former comedian and Sen. Al Franken claiming that he was “on the right side of the issues.” This is the same Franken caught touching a woman’s breasts as she was asleep.

What Louis-Dreyfus has learned about politicians, she says, is that “they’re just people. That’s all. Which is in one way comforting, and in another quite terrifying, given all the responsibility that they carry.”

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Most of them, she believes, are trying to do the right thing. Louis-Dreyfus, whose Twitter profile shows her in a pink pussy hat, isn’t so sure Trump fits that category.

“He’d be funny if he didn’t have the power he has,” she says. “He’s sort of a pretend, fake President. He’s a complete moron, start to finish.” [via Time]

I seriously believe these Hollywood types, comedians were so politically frustrated under the Obama administration where they couldn’t say anything, or they would have been seen as racist, they don’t know right from wrong these days.

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I wouldn’t run down a Hollywood type or any musician to get their take on the world’s issues because it isn’t their forte. Sure they will give an analysis that isn’t coherent, but what do you expect from individuals that play fictional characters for a living?

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