Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton — FBI Made 11 Payments To Christopher Steele

A weaponized FBI, clearly used by the Obama administration to target political opponents is a disgrace to our justice system and clearly a gross abuse of power.

Does anyone else find it a little more than curious that it has taken years to find out that our tax dollars went to pay for a dossier about unsubstantiated garbage? More so that it was used as a basis to wiretap an American citizen?

Such a huge deal made about about Russian collusion which sounds more and more like smoke and mirrors to make Trump look bad on a daily, but no foundation! All the while the Clintons and their scam foundation and campaign funds are being used to pay corrupt FBI leaders to rig the presidential election in favor of Clinton. How are these people not in jail?

What else do we need to hear to start putting those criminals in jail? Regular Americans get ten years for possession of a few grams of cocaine while those SOBs messed up the country beyond imagination and yet, still walking. Is this an apparent travesty of justice.

Source: Judicial Watch Facebook

“Judicial Watch uncovered 70 pages of heavily redacted documents showing the shady cash-based relationship between the Comey FBI and Christopher Steele who at the same time was working for the Clinton / DNC-funded Fusion GPS to dig up fake dirt on then-candidate Trump. Pretty extraordinary stuff.

It’s one thing to hear in news articles that Christopher Steele had been paid by the FBI, but here we have the documents showing he met with the FBI at least thirteen times during the 2016 campaign season – with eleven of those times resulting in cash payments. So he’s getting money from the Clinton campaign, and he’s also getting money from the FBI.

The first major document talks about Christopher Steele being admonished early in 2016, yet he meets with the FBI repeatedly afterward. And finally, in November 2016, the documents show that – because he was leaking his relationship with the FBI – he’s deemed ‘not suitable’ as a confidential human source. So this source who was deemed ‘not suitable’ then is repeatedly used to justify FISA warrants to spy on the Trump team. It shows there is corruption at the heart of the Russia investigation.”

A government agency using taxpayer money to make fake dirt for one campaign to use against the other campaign, a great insurance policy, nothing to see here, move along.

You do a great job on those news broadcasts Mr. Fitton. What a great way to bring your incredibly important work to the public.

Thank you for all your effort and resolve to keep us free from tyranny.

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