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Judicial Watch To Investigate California Ballot Harvesting!

Republicans lost a lot of seats in California due to ballot harvesting during the 2018 Midterm elections.

What is ballot harvesting: Organized volunteers/workers seek to collect absentee ballots from targeted voters and turn them in at an election office or polling station. That alone is innocent, but it’s the alleged changing of various ballots or the miscounting of these unvetted ballots that come into play for improprieties and even election fraud.

Election fraud is a long-time reliance of the Democrats. They depend so much on it that they refuse to take any steps to prevent it. Now Judicial Watch has decided to investigate this new way of cheating before it gets worse.

Judicial Watch is concerned that this legal process which provides an opportunity for fraud, resulted in fraud, so were looking at the numbers, we’re looking to see whether or not we can verify the process work properly and is free your fraud and that something a Judicial Watch is doing the state in California I doubt it is doing anything so it’s up to Judicial Watch again to come in and ask these straightforward questions.

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What needs to happen is more than an investigation, but I know that’s just a start. Keep it moving and start rounding people up and prosecuting them for destroying the integrity of America’s elections.

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