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Report: Judge Judy to Progressives: “I’ll Fight Your Socialist Agenda to The Death”

Democrat Judge Judy is boiling mad that the progressive wing of the Democrat Party has taken over and propelled Bernie Sanders to “frontrunner” status.

Judge Judy, whose real name is Judy Sheindlin, is a supporter of Mini Tyrant Mike Bloomberg.

The feisty no-nonsense judge is reportedly worth a cool $400 million and is the highest-paid TV personality in the world, thanks to her popular TV show…so she likes capitalism.

Sheindlin has never endorsed a political candidate but decided to back fellow New Yorker, Mini Mike Bloomberg because she thinks American is in “urgent trouble.

Judge Judy says “everyone is polarized and angry.”

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I mean, with all due respect – she seems like one of the angriest most polarizing and rudest people ever – and so does her candidate Tyrant Mike.

Regardless, Judge Judy is out stumping for Nanny Mike and she has a message for all of those progressives out there who are thinking about turning the United States into a 3rd-world socialist sh*thole…She will fight everyone one of you to “the death.”

Scheindlin continued: “I was born in Brooklyn, so I have Brooklyn street smarts. I know that if you give children reasonable building blocks — if you give them a fishing pole — they’ll always be able to eat. America doesn’t need a revolution…It’s the most perfect country in the world. And those people that are trying to change it and ‘revolutionize’ it don’t have a chance. Because I’ll fight them to the death!”

Judge Judy was referring to the adage: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he feeds himself for a lifetime.”

Scheindlin’s anti-socialism dig was also a veiled jab at Bernie supporter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Two weeks ago, AOC drew widespread scorn for declaring that it’s “physically impossible” for people to pull themselves up by their “bootstraps.”

At the time, AOC was trying to justify her stance that poor Americans should not even try to lift themselves out of poverty. Instead, they should depend on the government to save them (that’s a typical socialist, victim-mentality attitude). [Bizpacreview]

Below is an appearance from Judge Judy on The View right after she announced her endorsement of Mini Mike.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like Judge Judy should be a Trump supporter.

Hey, when Bloomberg drops out, maybe she’ll come to her senses and vote for the America First candidate who supports capitalism?

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