Judge Jeanine: “Clinton Foundation Has Not Received One Dime From Some Countries Since She Lost”

Stuart Varney thinks Hillary Clinton should be pardoned so the country can move forward and not look back. Judge Jeanine Pirro thinks maybe we could allow the email scandal to fall off but still hold the Clintons accountable for their pay to play schemes at the Clinton Foundation.

Judge Pirro dropped a bombshell in the video below, explaining how the Clinton Foundation had not received “one-dime from countries since she lost” the election. What do you make of that?

From Fox Business:

President-elect Donald Trump has said he likely won’t appoint a special prosecutor to go after Clinton despite promising to do so during the campaign.

However Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, says there are plenty of reasons to move forward with a case.

“The Clinton Foundation… as my sources tell me, it is bubbling beneath the surface. The laptops are still there that we were told were destroyed. The immunity and all of these forgiveness agreements are not necessarily in place going forward,” she said during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co.

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“The amazing thing is that the Clinton Foundation has not received one dime from some countries since she lost. The pay-to-play is in your face,” she noted.

While the President-elect is busy building his new cabinet and pressuring big companies to keep jobs in the U.S., Clinton has kept a low profile. Even so, Pirro isn’t willing to give her a pass, if she engaged in illegal activities.

“I think if she violated the law, she needs to be held responsible like everyone else,” she said. “When I was a judge, if a defense attorney came up to me and said you know what, this guy is an orphan because he killed his mother and father, you need to forgive and forget… that is chutzpah” she said.

“No one is above the law [and] no one is below the law,” she added.

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