Judge Jeanine: Andy, Complain All You Want; You Should Have Been Taken Out In Cuffs

Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe over his complaining and blaming President for his missteps.

Let’s get this straight, McCabe lied under oath to his fellow workers in the FBI and the DOJ. He is upper management and therefore must set an example for the people that work for him. Therefore, he should have been fired a long time ago and should be tried for lying under oath to the FBI just like General Michael Flynn!

That is the direction of Judge Jeanine’s opening monologue on Saturday night, and she didn’t hold back when challenging McCabe’s

Video excerpt:

Andy, you can complain all you want that you were unjustly fired, but the facts contradict that. You should have been fired a long time ago. You should lose your law license and you should have been taken out in cuffs.

McCabe thinks the fix is in. He thinks he will get his pension. He believes that nothing he did on the job was wrong. The fact that those peers in the FBI found his lies and lack of candor chose to fire him. I believe he was sabotaging investigations along with a cabal of others and it was exposed. I hope he loses his law license and is forced to pay for damages caused to investigations screwed up by his malpractice. I hope more are brought to justice. His was first blood, and a warning shot to others planning on a coup.

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McCabe is calling this a political witch hunt but our question to him is how is it political when an internal investigation from his own Department recommended his firing?

His own IG says he should be fired, but he goes “Full Weinstein” and blames everybody but himself. I’m sure McCabe’s notes are as accurate and thorough as his testimony. And, I’m sure they are believable now that he has been proven to be a liar.

Judge Pirro, you’re right. The FBI’s own OPR judged that McCabe should be fired and also the Inspector Generals Office ruled there was misconduct. These are the facts in which the Atty General Jeff Sessions fired him and anyone who says differently is comfortable with defending a law-breaker.

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