TX Judge Exposed As Illegal Alien; County Gave Her 90 Days To Fix?

Min Burkett is a Texas Judge who officials just found to be an illegal alien. Now the county is allowing her 90 days to make it right.

In my humble opinion, Burkett should be fired along with those who hired her. Any money she made as a judge should be paid back to the state. She took the job as not being a citizen then she should lose the job.

Excuse me! Uh, “ignorance of the law excuses no one” is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because one was unaware of its content. And she is a supposed “JUDGE” for crying out loud!

If she is a judge and didn’t know that then she shouldn’t be hearing other people’s cases, that’s just common sense. You will never convince me she and probably many other people were not aware of this. They should all be fired and possibly prosecuted. It’s outrageous that they can bend and twist laws to make them apply in certain cases, she should have to repay the money she received. This is sickening!

Source: Fox32Chicago

Officials in South Texas have placed a municipal court judge on unpaid leave after it was discovered she’s not a U.S. citizen.

Corpus Christi Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that Judge Young Min Burkett was placed on leave for 90 days with the intention that will be enough time for her to obtain citizenship.

Rubio says the city never asked during the qualification process to become a municipal judge whether Burkett was a citizen, and says Burkett never tried to deceive or misrepresent her background.

Rubio adds that city attorneys have reviewed the matter and determined that Burkett’s rulings from the bench remain valid and lawful.

This is a dangerous precedent to set! Allowing Burkett to become a citizen after a law was broken (USCIS asks for any laws you broke resulting in a denied application). This is biased and shows that rights are unequal. Also, this opens up a portal for illegal aliens as their lawyers who will cite this case as an exception. The right thing must be done, nullify green card and deport!

As many Americans that are currently eligible for that position, it is a slap in the face to let her keep that job! Ridiculous! Too bad too sad she does not meet the criteria and all cases she presided over should be nullified!

I have been wondering about the vetting process of a judge. Some of the rulings the last few years seem like a lot of judges are not familiar with the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments.

Do you think Burkett should still be a judge in America? How can her cases be legal if she was illegal? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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