Judge SHOCKS! Clinton Mails Are ‘One Of The Gravest Modern Offenses’ To Transparency’

There it is! Did we enter a bizarro world? Is this a criminal investigation? Couldn’t be.

A federal judge made the decision to order the Department of Justice and State Department to further investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server situation. She used an unapproved, unsecured private email server and the just slammed her for “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

Don’t get me wrong; this is a major blow that the opposition media won’t cover! The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) act request was done by Judicial Watch. Here’s a question, why is it the progressives have dozens of loudmouth groups, all well-financed, when our side has Judicial Watch, Project Veritas, several college organizations, and the NRA.

I’m sure I missed a few on our side, but my point is that we are outnumbered when it comes to groups that actively push back. We need groups that file a dozen suits a day against freedom-hating libs. We need groups that shop for judges that will rule some of the moonbat actions unconstitutional.

We need hoards of people who call and write an email to complain about schools, teachers, government officials, and companies that betray our trust.

This order might not produce anything, but some people including the Clintons have been in the bathroom for the last 24 hours as they are nervous.

The order risks reopening partisan wounds that have barely healed since Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential bid, but in issuing the order Thursday, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth said the spirit of the Freedom of Information Actrequired it.

In a narrow but sharply worded 10-page opinion, Lamberth wrote that despite the government’s claimed presumption of transparency, “faced with one of the gravest modern offenses to government openness, [the Obama administration’s] State and Justice departments fell far short” of the law’s requirements in a lawsuit for documents.

Lamberth added that despite President Donald Trump’s repeated campaign attacks against Clinton for not making her emails public, “the current Justice Department made things worse,” by taking the position that agencies are not obliged to search for records not in the government’s possession when a FOIA request is made.

Lamberth wrote he took no pleasure in “questioning the intentions of the nation’s most august” Cabinet departments, but said it was necessary when their response “smacks of outrageous misconduct.”

Source: Chicago Tribune

All the while, the libs have taken over just about every other institution with little or no pushback. Thank God for Judicial Watch, James O’Keefe and the others who are doing something.

Maybe it’s time for Rush and all the others to convert from trying to explain conservatism to building an army of conservatives who practice real action – not just talk.

I think MANY would sign on and many would contribute monthly if they could see the pushback happening. The person with the biggest microphone should raise and lead this army of Americans.

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