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Joy Reid Suggests AG Barr Could Be Connected To Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

MSNBC host Joy Reid not only is one of the most unprofessional names on television today, but her coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s death was criminal.

How do you blame the United States Attorney General? It used to be funny when they came up with such wacko, off-the-wall nonsense, but no longer. It’s frightening because increasingly there is a generation of young people being raised on this entertainment that believe it’s journalism — scary stuff.

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MSNBC has become the biggest purveyor of outrageous conspiracy theories and proponent of politically-motivated violent behavior in the country. I hope the cable and satellite companies force them to rein in the hatred by threatening to remove access to their systems.

“Can we repeat this? So this facility is run by the Department of Justice, meaning William Barr’s Department of Justice?” — Reid

“Donald Trump’s name comes up whenever Jeffrey Epstein’s name comes up and other people, too. He’s no longer a threat to those people because he can’t talk about them anymore.” — Reid

A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictable…Russian.

Remember when there were professional organizations like the National Association of Broadcasters or something, and the American Association of Journalists and stuff like that and they had standards and ethics, actual written codes of conduct and professional standards? And there were things like Peabody Awards and Pulitzers and actual Journalism Schools, and they condemned behavior like this?

Unfortunately, no great societies or empires last forever, history has shown us that. We would be naive to believe that America is somehow different.

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I believe Trump is giving us the best chance to keep America great, free, and prosperous for a while longer. But eventually the old who remember this country when it was great will all be dead and gone, and all that remains are useful idiots looking for their free stuff, as they become slaves to fascist, liberal elite tyrants.

Eventually, China or Russia will come over here and literally take this country away from the clapping harp seals, and useful idiots who will be putting gun-free zone signs to deter Chinese aggression.

In all fairness, there are a lot of people on both sides of the aisle and many more not even in politics who are probably breathing a little easier to know that Epstein is dead.

Ordinarily, I’d avoid conspiracy theories. But Epstein’s death is just too convenient to too many scumbags to take at face value.


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