Couric Claims Nazis Attacked Production Team In Charlottesville, But It Sounds Like ANTIFA!

Katie Couric used to be known as America’s darling told the media that members of her production team were hit with urine bombs while they were in Charlottesville. On Sunday, some of the media caught wind of it and didn’t seem as if they believed her.

What’s ironic about this is, it wasn’t mentioned in mainstream media that weekend. KKK and white supremacist groups from what I have gathered yell, hold signs and march these days. They are not about doing something this sick.

ANTIFA’s signature move is throwing bottled urine on their enemies and the media won’t call them out on it for no apparent reason. Many conservative groups are begging the media to do the right thing but they won’t.

Donald Trump needs to go on the offensive and demand investigations into ANTIFA. We need to see some push back because this group is going beyond being dangerous. And it wouldn’t hurt for every Republican to chime in. Grow a spine people and fight back. We are in power, act like it.

Source: Daily Mail

Katie Couric has described how two of her producers were hit by a ‘urine bomb’ while she was covering the protests in Charlottesville last week.

The broadcast journalist, 60, was filming the violent Virginia rally as part of a six-hour documentary series she is working on for National Geographic.

Couric wrote an op-ed that was published Friday by the outlet as a way for her to ‘reflect on her experiences’.

In the op-ed titled ‘Being in Charlottesville Broke My Heart. It Also Filled Me With Hope’, Couric said two of her producers were splashed with a mixture of mud and urine.

Observing the rising battle of protest chants, two of my producers were standing on an elevated edge of the park when suddenly they were doused with a concoction of human urine and mud,’ Couric wrote.

‘It was thrown into the air over the crowd from what they think was a water bottle. They’re still unsure who threw it and who exactly was targeted.’

Sorry, Katie, I don’t believe you were hit by urine bombs from the KKK. I think you are lying and I would like to see proof. I do believe this happened and you were attacked by ANTIFA but the KKK? Nope.

This could also be another attempt by a media journalist to get picked up by a major network to revive her career. I wouldn’t put it past her. What are your thoughts about this charge from Couric?

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