Jordan Addresses Allegations — “Not Accurate, Just Not True”

Rep. Jim Jordan took time after a 4th of July speech to respond to the allegations against him from Ohio State wrestlers he coached years ago.

Jordan is questioning the timing of these allegations after he denied them. Most of us have come to know Rep. Jordan and have watched his career blossom. We also saw how he handed Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein last week during the intelligence hearing and this looks like it’s retaliation for that.

Jordan is not in trouble for sexual abuse; he is accused of knowing of sexual abuse charges attributed to the University’s wrestling Team Doctor and not handling the situation. This sounds like something that happened to Penn State’s Joe Paterno a few years ago.

In today’s world, to destroy someone, all you need is to accuse them and then get a couple of interviews on CNN or MSNBC and that’s all the proof you need.

Source: Mediaite

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) held an impromptu presser with reporters at a July 4th parade in Ohio, where he was bombarded with questions over allegations that he ignored sexual abuse as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

In an NBC News report, former Ohio State wrestler Mike DiSabato claimed Jordan ignored allegations of sexual abuse against the team’s doctor when the congressman was the university’s assistant wrestling coach.

One reporter asked Jordan about “the timing” of the allegations, given they stem from decades ago, and the congressman has gained prominence this year. He is even in the running to replace Paul Ryan as the next House Speaker.

“Look, the timing makes you wonder,” Jordan replied after a pause. “All I know is, it’s not true.”

“It’s interesting that the timing is what it is, in light of things that are going on in Washington,” he added.

How will the Democrats sustain a dwindling party with illegals being captured at the border? These sexual abuse allegations are getting old but if you fly around social media bulletin boards, they’ve already prosecuted Jordan and found him guilty.

I don’t know how Jordan’s attempt to win the Speakership is going to go now. He might have to remove his name because of this controversy. That’s probably the plan of the person who drummed up these allegations.

Where do you fall in this story? Do you support Jordan or do you think this could have happened and Jordan wiped it under the rug?

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