CNN Says New ‘Joker’ Movie Represents ‘White Male Trump Supporters,’ Twitter Users Teach Them a Lesson

The folks over at CNN will use anything they can find to besmirch Trump supporters.

They’ll even go so far as to compare a mentally deranged violent murderer to your average “angry” white male Trump supporter.

Only one problem with their theory…It’s white liberal males who are wearing masks and beating the hell out of innocent people for how they voted in 2016, not Trump supporters.

Liberals live in an alternate universe, where feelings and emotions “trump” facts.

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A CNN commentator is claiming that the hit movie Joker represents a validation of “white-male resentment,” which he said was instrumental in helping bring President Donald Trump to the White House.
Jeff Yang, who is a frequent contributor to CNN Opinion, wrote in the online article published Sunday, that Joker acts as a political parable in the age of Trump.

“It’s an insidious validation of the white-male resentment that helped bring President Donald Trump to power,” Yang wrote.

He added that the movie is about the “forgotten man” — “a man who has been crushed underfoot by the elite, dragged down by equality-demanding feminists and climbed over by upstart nonwhite and immigrant masses.”

Yang claims that Joker director Todd Phillips is drawing “from the same well of resentment that Trump strums with his racist rhetoric at his rallies.”

The commentator cites Phillips previous statements to Vanity Fair in which the filmmaker criticized “woke culture” for killing comedy and making people overly afraid of offending others, especially on social media.

Phillips has also slammed the far-left media for disingenuously stoking outrage over Joker before its release.


CNN’s Yang wrote that the movie’s ending embodies Trump’s survivalist instincts.

“Phillips may not have intended for his film to be a political parable — or maybe he did — but it’s hard to imagine a darker ending for our real-world horror-comedy than that.” [Breitbart]

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Needless to say, CNN was (once again) roasted on Twitter for their stupid “hot take,” and their inability to see the “Antifa/anti-establishment” angle.

“How do I take a movie review and twist it into an anti-Trump screed?”

Imagine watching this movie and not getting the Antifa parallels

“The rioters in the film were calling for the rich to be k-lled. What movie did you see?”

“Joker is much closer to Antifa than he is to Trumpist. The guy spawns a kill-the-rich movement”

“my condolences to all at CNN because “Joker” didn’t produce the body count they were hoping for maybe they can get one of the clowns in their employ to pick up a big, scary gun and do their dirty work for them otherwise, their wishcasting will be futile”

You can watch the trailer of the “Joker” movie below:



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