Boris Johnson Slaps Down Sadiq Khan’s Request To Prevent Trump From Entering The UK

Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary has heard Sadiq Khan, London Mayor beg for President Trump to have his trip canceled to the UK. Johnson basically told him to put a sock in it.

What’s the world coming to? A Muslim Mayor in London, England, attempting to stop the most powerful man on the planet from visiting England? England you need America, much more than you need Genghis “Sadiq” Khan!

The Mayor of London is trying to divert attention from his own inadequacies as mayor. Wasting time and energy on our President makes Khan a disgustingly poor mayor. Thanks to Johnson, Trump has nothing to worry about before his visit to the UK.

Source: Reuters

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Tuesday he saw no reason to cancel Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain after the U.S. president criticized Mayor Sadiq Khan’s response to the London Bridge killings.

Trump has lambasted Khan on Twitter, accusing him of making a “pathetic excuse”, for saying that Londoners should not be alarmed by the sight of additional police on the streets of the capital following the attack that killed seven people.

“He (Khan) is entirely right to say what he said to reassure the people of his city about the presence of armed officers on the streets,” Johnson said in a BBC radio interview in response to a question on whether Trump’s state visit should be canceled.

I still don’t get the bit the liberal media is running. How did Trump take out of context or misrepresent what Sadiq Khan said? NPR actually added the flourish: “Did Trump do it because Khan is a Muslim?”

I could understand this if the liberal media had an ounce of credibility left, but apparently they haven’t checked the polls lately.

I wonder how many innocent souls need to die, and how many god given rights need to be sacrificed, before people will finally admit the truth.

What do you think about Johnson’s slap down of Khan’s request to stop Trump from entering the UK? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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