John McCain Angry Rand Paul BLOCKED His NDAA As He Left Town For Cancer Treatments!

Thank you, Sen. Rand Paul. Anything that pisses off Sen. John McCain is OK in my book.

John McCain got his perfect storm this week. He got to stick it to Trump, who he hates with a passion.

He got to play up the myth of the brave warrior Senator, having just come out of surgery with a brain tumor/cancer, stepping forward to exercise his senatorial duties. What a guy!

Then he got to play the “across the aisle,” statesman which he believes endears him to his Leftist and Dem blow buddies — including the media. In his mind, he was more important than President Trump.

But then came along Sen. Rand Paul and my week ended on a high note.

Source: Daily Caller

Although the National Defense Authorization Act was a key item on the agenda for McCain, Paul stepped in to block the bill by requesting two amendments be added to the legislation, namely one on prohibiting indefinite detention and one on the authorization of the use of military force to fight the Islamic State.

McCain’s frustration with Paul stems from his desire to pass the NDAA as soon as possible, mostly because he leaves to Arizona on Monday to begin cancer treatment, according to sources who spoke with CNN. As CNN noted, the fact that McCain is leaving Monday helps to explain why GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell would let the NDAA vote occur in the midst of a heated debated on health care reform.

“For 55 years in a row, Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides our men and women in uniform with the resources, capabilities, and pay and benefits that they need to perform their missions on behalf of the American people and keep our country safe,” McCain, chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, said in a statement. “This legislation is more vital than ever.”

Wow! The irony should not be lost on anyone that McCain is upset about someone obstructing a bill.

“The highest responsibility of every member of Congress is to do what they think is right for the nation. It is unfortunate that one senator chose to block consideration of a bill our nation needs right now, the National Defense Authorization Act,” McCain added. “We must uphold our solemn obligation to provide for the common defense and give our men and women in uniform the training, equipment, and resources they need to defend the nation. Our brave service members – many now serving in harm’s way – deserve nothing less.

“It is unfortunate that one Senator chose to block a bill so vital…”. You gotta be kidding me. How aggressive is that brain tumor because the lunacy of those words coming out that idiot’s mouth is obscene. Who knows how long that tumor has been growing and affecting McCain’s ability to think clearly? Don’t you find it weird that he would go after Paul after what he pulled on the Obamacare vote?

If McCain is unable to do his job properly, then he should step aside. He’s supposed to serve the people and he apparently can’t.

And Paul is 100 percent right to block the NDAA to get rid of the indefinite detention amendment. It’s ridiculously unconstitutional.

Expect the vote on the NDAA to happen sometime in September. I am very proud of Paul for doing this!

Do you think Paul is right to block the indefinite detention amendment? Do you think McCain has the right to be angry after what he did with Obamacare? Share your comments below.

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