John Bolton Doesn’t Back Down — Brennan And Other Obama Officials Politicized Intel

John Brennan improperly used classified intel, and I am not the only individual who believe that, so does the National Security Advisor.

John Bolton, National Security Advisor, joined an opposition media network and dropped a bombshell claiming that Pres. Trump had every right to revoke former Brennan’s security clearance based on he and others were “politicizing” the intelligence community.

Anyone with common sense would join Bolton in believing Brennan is monetizing his security clearance while also abusing his position with loose lips and allegations that haven’t been proven.

Source: Video Transcript

“Well, you know, I think Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whom I don’t think anybody could excuse of being a gofer for the Trump administration had some very trenchant observations on Brennan’s behavior since he left with CIA, and I think also on his behavior while he was at the CIA. It was my view at the time that he and others in the Obama administration were politicizing intelligence. I think that’s a very dangerous thing to do.

And I think especially for senior intelligence officials, career intelligence officials who come out of the government to keep that wall of separation between intelligence policy, and I don’t think Brennan has follow that and, you know, whether he actually used classified information, I think people will be able to determine. But I think that’s a serious problem.”

The Obama administration was harassing people through the IRS and using Intelligence agencies illegally to spy on Journalists, Senators, Leaders, Political opponents including everyday Americans. How in the hell can voters forget this?

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Wayne Dupree

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