Joe Piscopo: President-Elect Trump Doesn’t Need Celebrities For Inauguration

Honestly, do we really need to see Hollywood celebrities on stage as we the people want to just get this country back to normalcy? We want things back in order so we can push forward in regaining respect around the world and these celebrities are showing how childish they are in deciding not to show up if called upon for the inauguration.

I agree with all my heart with Joe Piscopo. The biggest name on stage is Donald Trump and everything else should compliment. He doesn’t need high-priced drug-addicted stars to pretty up this big day.

Strike up the military bands and let’s get to work.

From Mediaite:

On Fox News this afternoon, SNL alum Joe Piscopo said Donald Trump doesn’t need any celebrities at his inauguration anyway.

There have been reports that the Trump team has been struggling to book top talent for the big day, but Piscopo doesn’t think that really matters.

He told Neil Cavuto, “He is the main celebrity! He doesn’t need anybody!”

Piscopo and Cavuto agreed that since Trump basically ran against the liberal establishment (which includes Hollywood), it wouldn’t even make sense for Trump to want big celebrities there anyway. Piscopo thinks it would be a better idea for Trump should bring in more local talent from across the country.

Yesterday Trump tweeted that there are lots of A-listers who want to come but he doesn’t want them to because he wants “the people” at his big way.

Joe Piscopo on celebrities skipping Trumps… by dgraphics2009

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