Joe “Brzezinski” Throws Shade! — Best For U.S. If Trump Sticks To Fox & Friends, Reading Happy Stories

What you have here is a dying morning television show jealous of another network show that plays around the same time that kills them in the ratings, having a tantrum.

It is embarrassing the way Joe continually begs Trump to watch him. Watch me, Trump. Please! Please! Joe must think his job is in jeopardy. He keeps trying to get Trump’s attention to give himself relevance.

Joe and Mika will be over in a year or two. Both think they are perfect and never make a mistake, even through their alleged cheating ways on their formers spouses.

Source: Mediaite

After a round of hearty guffaws — which included the liberal readings of full passages from the repot — Scarborough offered his reflections and suggested that it might just be better for everyone that Trump regular receives just the good news.

“Would we rather have people deliver Donald Trump a dossier of bad news every day? We know that never ends well,” said Scarborough. “As we’ve said before, we think it’s in America’s best interests and the best interests of the word that Donald Trump doesn’t watch Morning Joe every morning, because it makes him so angry. If watching Fox Friends and reading happy stories, and seeing pictures where he looks powerful keeps Donald Trump from going on the warpath maybe that’s what the doctor ordered.”

How is Scarborough even credible after kissing Trump’s robe during the election and then turning on a dime when the President stopped showing up on their show? Remember, Trump has not changed since then, but poor Joe got jilted so he constantly bad mouths him to appear enlightened.

What a joke.

Liberals like Joe talk up impeachment, resist, collusion, and Russia while President Trump talks up jobs, economy, and fixing the disaster of Obamacare. I say your party should keep it up and you will keep losing.

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