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[VIDEO] Joe Biden Hilariously Mocked For Declaring “150 Million” Americans Have Been “Killed” By Gun Violence

Joe Biden is on a roll, but not in a good way.

He’s on a blunder-roll. Yesterday he told the country and a small “rally” crown in South Carolina that he was running for United States Senate.

“I’m Joe Biden and I’m running for United States Senate!” declared the man who is not running for United States Senate.

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You can watch the video below:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, during last night’s disastrous Democrat debate (everyone was yelling and talking over one another) confused Grandpa Joe told the debate viewers that 150 million Americans (that’s half of the United States population) has been killed by guns since 2007.


I don’t think that many people have been killed in all the wars ever fought, combined.

This poor man is an absolute nutjob.

And the really absurd part of all of this is that nobody corrected him. This is how little Dems know about “guns,” yet it’s a topic they can’t stop talking about.

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Needless to say, Biden was ruthlessly ridiculed for his insane “gun stats” statement:

“Given the low turnout at his rallies, I could see how he might believe half the country is dead”

“Maybe we all died since 2007 and Twitter is just hell.”

“Biden For Senate 2020”

“Can’t you just see his staffers backstage, melting into the floor as the illegitimate babble falls from his lips…”

“”Okay grandpa sure thing, here is your soup”

“Not even close, Joe! The total number for the last 13 years is less 400K if you do not count suicides.”

That’s how many braincells #CreepyUncleJoe‘s lost since Christmas.”

“woooww!!! somehow you guys renews 150 million americans in less than 20 years!!! LIKE RABBITS YOU ARE, AREN’T YAAA!!??”

“Good grief, that’s half the population! Why are we even worried about Coronavirus?”

“He’s gonna lose his Senate bid”

Poor old Joe, he’s definitely in over his head and way past his “political prime.”

It’s amazing how President Trump has really thrown these career politicians for a loop and totally off their game.

These people who have made careers off of cheese-ball lies that Americans once gobbled up are flopping like half-dead fish as they try and become “real” and “relatable” in the era of Trump and mass political social media and alternate news.

So far, it’s not working out very well for them.🤣


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