Jobs For Everyone! Home Depot Wants To Hire 80K by Spring!

Home Depot Owner fresh off predicting President Trump could be one of the best presidents’s ever; this news was the cherry on top.

Home Depot just told America it wants to hire 80,000 workers by the spring nationwide. That jobs report has the business world booming and even though the media is trying to take President Trump down, these companies are looking to pull him back up along with making America great again.

If the Democrat snowflakes boycott Home Depot because of this, it probably won’t make any difference. It’s not their kind of store. Toy or game stores maybe. EBT accepting food stores and fast food restaurants, yes. But not a place whose main customer base is working people.

Thank heavens for a business that’s co-founder knows a true Patriot! This Proud Deplorable is giving Home Depot our business!


At a time when many companies are decreasing staff, big box retailer Home Depot is seeking to hire 80,000 employees to fill its stores nationwide by spring.

And the national retailer is touting the shorter time — just 15 minutes — it will take to apply for a job via its website.

“Applying for a job at the world’s largest home improvement retailer now takes about 15 minutes using any device, thanks to a shorter application and mobile-optimized ‘careers’ site at,” said the company in a statement.

While there are opportunities available at The Home Depot’s nearly 2,000 U.S. stores and 75 distribution facilities, more than 1,000 jobs are available in New York, according to the company’s interactive map.

Jobs available include customer service and sales, lot associates, freight and receiving, store support and cashier positions. The company’s Merchandising Execution Team – responsible for setting merchandising displays and ensuring products are customer-ready – also is hiring this spring, the retailer said.

Just remember, the country didn’t expect the jobs number to be that high after months of jobs around 150,000 and lower for Barack Obama. Recording over 280,000 jobs was a huge payoff for a President who promised to bring back jobs.

Let’s keep it up!

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