Jimmy Kimmel: Democrats Pulling My Strings Narrative Is Created By Right-Wing Media

Jimmy Kimmel continues to try to add to his ratings by blaming conservative outlets for blasting him over his hateful rhetoric toward Republicans.

Kimmel has been using his late night platform to catch up to Stephen Colbert in the ratings by hitting law-abiding, second amendment advocates over the massacre shooting in Las Vegas. To this moment, the killer, Stephen Paddock has not been associated with being right-wing, National Rifle Association member but don’t let that stop Kimmel from blaming our side.

Let’s not forget, Kimmel claims he had a conversation with Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer last month about the Obamacare debate, which many remember watching him cry during his monologue when he inserted his son’s illness to push the failing healthcare insurance to a national audience. Kimmel’s son isn’t on Obamacare and doesn’t need it because his tax bracket pushes him to the one percent.

Source: The Hill

“This notion that [Democrats] were pulling my strings is one created by right-wing media outlets. It’s just a way of putting a pin in something that scares them. I don’t know why the idea of making sure every American is taken care of should scare a politician,” said Kimmel.

“It certainly doesn’t scare the average guy who’s got a job that he doesn’t like and is afraid to quit it because he’s got a pre-existing condition and he may well not get another good job with insurance.”

Kimmel believes it is his duty to push the liberal agenda, rather than do comedy. He pretended to be morally superior to Trump– that was until those videos of your younger days surfaced. (Related Article: Not Crying Here! Kimmel Has Females Feel Crotch To Guess What’s There As Part Of Show)

Where is the media on Kimmel? Why aren’t they talking about his skits where he wore blackface or the ones where he engaged women in demeaning themselves by grabbing his crotch?

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. How about this Jimmy. Just shut up and crack a joke for us.

Shouldn’t be hard to do with a hundred writers and a production staff of thousands, dressing you, putting on your make up, telling you where to stand, how to stand, what to say!

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