Jim Acosta Hasn’t Learned Yet, Disrespect Always Results In SMACKDOWN!

Jim Acosta might try staying quite the rest of this year to see if he can learn anything. He continually demonstrates with the spoken word his ignorance.

CNN is an embarrassment. Period. No other way to say it. Just come out and call yourselves a propagandist arm of the left. You’d actually be semi-credible, and before a progressive tries to equate this with Fox News and the right, please there’s no comparison.

Sarah doesn’t play. And she doesn’t care about tiptoeing around feelings. She is professional but most importantly, very straight forward and tactful. Acosta and the media haven’t been used to that for the last decade. Suck it up press corp, your cake walk is over.

Source: Daily Wire

Acosta tried to insinuate that Trump does not value the First Amendment as much as he does the Second Amendment following the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

“Why did the president tweet this morning that he would like to see the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate news outlets in this quest to go after fake news?” Acosta asked. “Does he value the First Amendment as much as he does the Second Amendment?”

Sanders proceeded to dismantle Acosta by highlighting the president’s support for free speech while pointing out the overwhelmingly negative coverage from the media despite a tremendous amount of success by the administration in many key areas that are important to voters.

CNN will never change, they’ve never been honest to the American people. Always been smoke and mirrors. Why let them in the WH at all? National Inquirer has more believable stories and they don’t even try.

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