Johnson Tells Democrats — Work With Trump To Address Crisis On Border

Barack Obama’s former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson joined Fox & Friends to talk about the border crisis which he believes has magnified since he was in office.

He also had a message for Democrats in Congress.

Previous administrations and Congress have ignored illegal immigration for decades. Now we finally have an administration that is willing to take on the issue. President Trump is trying to resolve a problem that he inherited and campaigned on. Maybe something will finally be done to solve this issue if Democrats will stop the “resist and obstruct” behavior and do what is best for America.

“By any measure, 4,000 arrests in a day, 100,000 in a month ― that’s the population of the city of Albany, New York  ― that suddenly shows up on our southern border in one month is a crisis.

It’s a crisis because it overwhelms our Border Patrol and our immigration officials’ ability to deal with it, and it’s a crisis because you have to absorb that population somehow into southern border towns.”

Johnson told the Fox & Friends crew that the crisis at the border has been going on for some time, and originates from Central America, “the most violent region of our world right now,” and needs to be addressed at the source.

“A lot of people don’t want to hear that. They want quick, easy answers. They want some legal lever to pull, we have got make the long-term investment in addressing the poverty and violence in those nations. It can be done.”

I agree that the crisis at our southern border has been a big problem for a long time and Johnson and Obama didn’t come close to fix the problem that President Trump is stuck with. I won’t let Congress off the hook as they are to blame for this crisis because they won’t enact new immigration laws, that would stop this insanity.

Maybe President Trump should come up with an executive order to close the border for “any” immigration and finish the wall. It’s time for all these illegals to get shipped back to their country of origin and start making their countries right!

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