[VIDEO] Sessions Offers Trump an Olive Branch ‘I Didn’t Write a Tell-All Book and I Didn’t go on CNN and Bash the President’ 

Most of us can agree that Jeff Sessions was not the best choice for attorney general.

Granted, he did great in terms of enforcing immigration laws, but when it came to having the President’s back, Sessions was nowhere to be found and President Trump was left to deal with the Russia hoax on his own, and clearly, President Trump is still angry over it. Can’t say that I blame him, he went to hell and back, and back again.

So that’s why Sessions, who is making a bid to reclaim his Senate seat is now offering an “olive branch” to President Trump.

Sessions vows that he will support President Trump and his agenda 100% in the Senate. He then reminded Trump that when he left his cabinet post, he didn’t write a tell-all book, or go on CNN and blast Trump…as a matter of fact, he never said a single bad word about him.

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Will President Trump accept this peace offering and support Session’s bid to flip his seat from blue to red?

Personally, I think Sessions was a great Senator and I hope that he and President Trump can work out their differences and work together again.

You can watch the video below:

Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is running for Senate again in 2020. Despite his rocky relationship with President Trump, Sessions said he supports the president 100% and will do all he can to promote the Trump agenda in Congress.

“When I left President Trump’s Cabinet, did I write a tell-all book? No,” Sessions said. “Did I go on CNN and attack the president? No. Have I said a cross word about our president? Not one time.”

Sessions explained: “I will tell you why. First, that would be dishonorable. I was there to serve his agenda — not mine. Second, the president is doing a great job — for America and Alabama. And he has my strong support.”

In November 2018, Sessions resigned as AG under heavy pressure from Trump amid ongoing attacks by the president for recusing himself from the Russia collusion hoax.

Trump blamed Sessions for the two-year sham Russia investigation because his recusal led to the hiring of special counsel Robert Mueller — the former FBI director under Barack Obama who’s a close friend of James Comey (another former Obama FBI director).

Jeff Sessions was a senator from Alabama from 1997 to 2017. He left that post when President Trump appointed him U.S. Attorney General in February 2017. In fact, Sessions was one of Trump’s very first appointments. [Bizpacreview]

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