Former AG Jeff Sessions To Run In 2020 For Old Senate Seat?

CNN is reporting that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is looking to run for a Senate seat in his home state of Alabama in 2020.

If you follow me on social media, you know that I had hoped that Sessions stayed in the Senate to help Pres. Trump get things moving when he needed to. He needed an ally, and Sen. Mitch McConnell is not that.

For those clamoring that Pres. Trump has no right to remove Sessions. Actually, he does. Trump doesn’t need any reason to remove anyone from his cabinet. The serve at his will and discretion. Frankly, Sessions should have removed himself when he recused himself. He can’t be effective running the Department of Justice as Attorney General if he is impaired.

Source: Washington Examiner

A source close to Sessions told CNN that the country’s former top law enforcement official was isn’t ruling out running for his old seat in 2020 against Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala. Jones replaced Sessions in the Senate via a fierce special election last year against Republican candidate Roy Moore, who was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct. Despite the claims, Moore had been expected to win, given Alabama being a traditionally red state.

Former Sen. Luther Strange, the Alabama Republican who temporarily filled Sessions’ spot in the Senate when he was promoted to Trump’s Cabinet, on Wednesday tweeted his support of such a move hours before Sessions’ firing was made public.

Sessions submitted his resignation letter to White House chief of staff John Kelly on Wednesday afternoon following an earlier request from Trump. The pair had repeatedly clashed over Sessions’ March 2017 decision to recuse himself from overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s federal Russia investigation, based on concerns he had been an outspoken surrogate for Trump during the 2016 campaign and had failed to disclose contacts with ex-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

I didn’t put two and two together but Mr. Sessions you could have left with class. You knew that you were not doing the job to the standard expected., but you choose to go out as a whiner. You prefaced your resignation with “at your request?”

Many conservatives felt you should have resigned when you recused yourself from the Mueller Investigation which by the way has 17 or 18 registered Democratic investigators. So much for a jury of your peers.

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Let me also add: Democrats winning only means nothing gets done for the American people for two years. They will impeach President Trump, but it will go nowhere. They will damage themselves for decades in future elections if they do obstruct for the next two years. Democrats stand for nothing. They have stood for nothing for decades now.

This will be the last time they control anything for decades.

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