FEC Levies 3rd Largest Fine In History — Against Jeb Bush Super PAC!!!

Former Presidential candidate Jeb Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, just got the worse news anyone could get in the public eye when the Federal Election Commission fined his super PAC close to one million dollars.

The fine covers an illegal transaction between the super PAC and a donation from a Chinese-owned corporation which essentially broke federal law. You are not allowed to accept foreign donations in elections, they call that “foreign interference.”

It is sickening how interconnect all these elites are with one another. They grow rich and fat while decent Americans slave away to make ends meet.

The Federal Election Commission on Monday doled out $940,000 in fines to the super PAC that backed Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential bid and a Chinese-owned corporation that made illegal donations to it.

The unusually large FEC fines came after the commission found evidence Bush’s super PAC took money from a foreign national, which is prohibited under federal election law. The super PAC, Right to Rise, was fined $390,000 for the violation, while the FEC gave an additional $550,000 fine to American Pacific International Capital, Inc. The company had donated $1.3 million to Bush’s super PAC in the spring of 2015, as Bush was gearing up for a run for president.

“Today’s action is a rare and remarkable step by the FEC, and a reminder that safeguarding our elections against foreign interference is in America’s vital national security interests,” said Trevor Potter, president of the Campaign Legal Center, which filed a complaint about the donations in August 2016 to the FEC. “This illegal $1.3 million contribution is unmistakable proof that Citizens United opened the floodgates to foreign money in the U.S., and it is surely the tip of the iceberg.” [excerpt via Politico]

Virtually every major, establishment politician in this country does to one degree or another. In fact, it’s one of the reasons many of them hate Trump as much as they do, he’s cutting into their profit potential and future bribe payments with all of this tough trade talk with the Chinese government.


One of the reasons that Bill Clinton got elected was Chinese money so this problem’s been around a while. I wonder how much money the Chinese spent to keep Donald Trump from being elected?

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