JEALOUS? Kelly Attacks Co-Worker Hannity’s Election Role; He Responds!

Once again, Fox News host Megyn Kelly decided to attack Donald Trump on her program, but this time, she threw shade at a co-worker and my big brother Sean Hannity saying he was a safe space for questioning Trump. As you remember, Kelly and Trump feuded after the first Fox News Republican Primary when Kelly decided to ask Trump questions on his personal Twitter timeline instead of substantive questions about policy. Trump hit back hard in the weeks after.

Both rectified that split with an interview Kelly turned into a two-part “event” to boost her ratings back up, but that never happened. Trump hasn’t returned to her show, and she continues to have Trump haters on her nightly shows primarily.

On Wednesday night, she did the unthinkable by going after Hannity in a passive-aggressive way, and he responded after this interview.

Hannity responded:

Hannity had every right to respond to Kelly who doesn’t shy away from throwing co-workers under the bus if they are not on her side.

Common sense Americans without an agenda know Hannity was the place to listen to all the Republican presidential candidates either on his Radio show or his nightly television show. Hannity didn’t bring on political pundits that hate and despise candidates and give them room to be heard; that was Kelly.

I look on this as Trump decided not to appear on Kelly’s show anymore because of what transpired during the election and that was well within his right to do so. Kelly is not happy she got the short end of the stick.

I can see bringing on the same hate every night can get old and Kelly is experiencing it. Hannity’s numbers, by the way, put him over Kelly in viewership so again, she is mad.

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